Mogan makes up a large part of Gran Canaria and is the second biggest municipality on the island. This municipality is located in the southwest of the island, and includes the fishing towns of Arguineguin and Puerto de Mogan.


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A lot of the population of Mogan live along the coastline, although the area consists of mountains and valleys as well, which are covered with vegetation and forests. There is barren land in the central, northern and eastern parts and urban areas and farmland nearer to the ocean.

How to Get There

The town of Mogan, which is northwest of Puerto Rico is about 12 km from the coast. You can get there by leaving the GC1 motorway at its southernmost exit and then following the coast road. Alternatively you can take a ferry from Arguineguin or Puerto Rico, or get the no. 1 or no. 33 bus.

Agriculture, fishing and tourism are the main industries of Mogan, Gran Canaria. As you would expect, the tourism industry is mainly located along the coast in a series of resorts.

Puerto de Mogan

The quaint fishing port of Puerto de Mogan is quieter and less commercialized (a bit less anyway!) than Playa del Ingles and Puerto Rico, apart from on Friday when the Mogan market floods Mogan with thousands of tourists.


Photo by Furya

Five minutes from Mogan is Taurito, which is a nice beach with still waters set against a dramatic cliff landscape. A lot of visitors to Gran Canaria spend a day in Puerto de Mogan, and the whole area is nice to drive around if you want to rent a hire car in Gran Canaria.

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