Pueblo de Mogan

Pueblo de Mogán is a small town about 5 miles up from the Puerto de Mogán resort. There is a church, a landscaped park and some local government offices there.


Like Roque Nublo or Fataga, Gran Canaria, Pueblo de Mogan gives you a taste of village life and life in Gran Canaria away from the tourist resorts.

Local fiestas and concerts sometimes take place in Pueblo de Mogán and there are some nice restaurants there, where you can try Canarian cooking. Some of the bars serve tapas so if you fancy a snack rather than a big meal you can get something there.

Photo by Little Fire

Photo by Little Fire

You can also buy hand-made pottery or paintings by local artists in some of the restaurants and bars.

Just outside Pueblo de Mogan is a village of Molino Quemado (literally “burnt windmill”). The story goes that the tallest windmill on the island was burnt down by a local goatherd who had a grievance of some kind against the authorities.


If you are going to rent a car in Gran Canaria, Pueblo de Mogán is worth a visit. Alternatively you can get a ferry from Puerto Escala and then a bus or taxi for a few euros. There is the new Monday art market in Mogan or the Friday Mogan market which you might like to have a look at too.


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  1. cameron west

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for your wonderful blog.
    My wife Rikki and I are coming over for two months November 1st to see if we’d like to retire here. We’ve taken a place not far from maspalomas. Would appreciate your thoughts on the best town to live in. Our spanish is almost nil at this point and we like the idea of being around expats. We’re hikers and beach people and we would very much like a home with privacy but we would feel out of place living totally apart from english speakers in a tiny town.
    Any thoughts and/or contacts you have will be much appreciated.

    Cam West

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