Roque Nublo

If you fancy getting away from the beach or the pool for a day, why not pay a visit to the Roque Nublo? This translates to mean “Cloud Rock” and Roque Nublo is the second highest rock in Gran Canaria at 1809 metres.


Photo by Mossaiq

Photo by Mossaiq

It is the most famous rock on the island and you can see amazing views from that height, including Tenerife. Sunset is a great time to visit Roque Nublo.

You will need decent walking shoes and something with sleeves because the air can be very cool at that height. You might already have done some walking and hiking in Gran Canaria and this isn’t a difficult walk at all but be prepared for the drop in temperature.


There is a parking lot nearby and you need to walk via the small footpath in Ayacata to the Pico de las Nieves.



  1. Darker

    How do I get there if I can’t drive?? Also, how would you recommend I see the interior of the island without hiring a car or motorbike? Is it possible to cycle there from Maspalomas?

  2. Victoria


    If you don’t drive there are buses that go up to Roque Nublo. The same applies if you don’t want to hire a car or bike. It’s too far to cycle from Maspalomas (and up a huge mountain!) so unless you’re superfit you might want to get a bus to see the interior of the island or book a day tour with your rep when you arrive.


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