Self Catering Tips for Gran Canaria

When you go on holiday to Gran Canaria you might want to go half board or you might want to be all inclusive (if you don’t mind staying in the hotel most of the time). If you are going to be all inclusive, choose somewhere nice like Gloria Palace not somewhere like Puerto Azul (unless you like having burgers, chips and ham sandwiches for lunch every day). 🙁 If you are thinking about where to go in Gran Canaria and choose a resort, then, of course, this question doesn’t apply.


Photo by Gloriashealth

Photo by Gloriashealth

Self Catering Kitchen Appliances

If you plan to cook for yourself, be warned that most apartments here have two hob rings, a kettle and (if you are staying somewhere posh!) a toaster and perhaps a microwave. 🙂

It is quite possible to make nice food using the hob but where is the best place to buy ingredients?

Food Shops in Puerto Rico

Bear in mind that food prices very a lot in supermarkets and shops here! The best value places in Puerto Rico are the big Spar in the main shopping centre (not the small Spar a few doors down from it) or the HiperDino in the main shopping centre. Avoid Netto and the little shop in your apartment complex if you can! Or unless you are a millionaire!

Since most of our vegetables are imported don’t expect a bargain. I paid 3.10€ for 5 potatoes earlier but only 20 cents for an onion. Tomatoes and bananas are grown here so they are cheap but broccoli is imported so it is about 3 or 4€ for a few florets! Likewise with asparagus and cauliflower.

If you don’t mind frozen veg or tinned veg it works out a lot cheaper.

Photo by Manjith Kainickara

Photo by Manjith Kainickara

Meat and Fish

Hamburgers, sausages, chicken breasts and stir fry steak are easy to find but don’t expect to find lamb, stewing steak or fresh fish in Puerto Rico. There are commercial fishing boats in Arguineguín and Mogan and you can buy fish there but not in Puerto Rico! If you turn up at the Barakuda Dos desk at 3pm however I might take pity on you and give you a free bream or red snapper (if we catch a tuna or marlin it’s mine though!) 🙂

You can get toiletries such as soap, shower gel, toilet roll and toothpaste easily enough and things like batteries, razors, sun cream and whatever else. Actually bring sun cream from home – it is cheaper there.


And if you are going half board or self catering you can visit some great restaurants for some Canarian cooking!

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