Heineken Campus Rock

Heineken Campus Rock 2008 is going to be great fun. In Gran Canaria, it was on 23rd September 2007 so next year it will be around the same time. This event is also celebrated on some of the other Canary Islands, and there is usually a big event in Tenerife.


Heineken CR

Tickets are only 13 euros bought in advance or 15 euros if you buy when you get there.  You can get tickets in the record shop chain Discos Noda and the event is held in Heineken Plaza, in the Monopol Shopping Centre, which is in Las Palmas. Groups this year included Amaral, M-Clan, The Sunday Drivers, Fábula y Toom Pak. And lots of other Spanish groups.

Sunday Drivers
Photo By CommonPeopleMusic.com

Heineken Campus Rock has been a big event for the past 13 years and features the best of Spanish pop and rock. You get a free glass of Heineken at the concert (woohoo!) and can buy more there.

Photo By Neokrisis


There is usually a great atmosphere at the Heineken Campus Rock event because up to 11,000 people go every year! If you like pop or rock, it’s well worth going to this event because, not only is it very good value, but you’ll get to see some bands you’ve probably never heard of before and the atmosphere will be electric – like a modern, Spanish version of WoodStock!


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