Hardmel Rock Pub, Las Palmas

Hardmel Rock Bar is located in Las Palmas in the north of the island, away from the typical tourist resorts. However, you will be surprised to see how this venue comes alive at the weekend, offering an exciting alternative music venue.


Opening Times and Location

The bar only opens on a Friday and Saturday evening between 10pm and 3.30 am; there is still plenty on offer though.

Hardmel Poster

The bar is situated close to the main shopping district in the heart of Las Palmas and is easy to get to by taxi.

What the Rock Bar Offers

If you’re searching for an alternative music venue while in Gran Canaria, Hardmel Rock Pub is the place to visit, especially if you enjoy alternative music. You will be able to enjoy a vast array of different music genres, including everything from classic rock and blues to extreme death metal.

Fans of Queen, Deep Purple, Kiss, Metallica and Motorhead will love this venue, and the huge selection of music ensures that everyone has an incredible time.

Promotions and Atmosphere

The drinks promotions are fantastic, and there are always different events being organised, but the atmosphere in the bar is basic and relaxed.

Holidays, fiestas, and special occasions are celebrated with total enthusiasm, and everyone is encouraged to join in with the party. Hard rock and heavy metal enthusiasts will love the atmosphere and the music which is played.

Music Memorabilia Collection

You need to be prepared for a no-frills place to drink and appreciate top quality music, and the decor is brilliant too.

Music memorabilia fills the walls, and you will see programs, tickets, shirts and posters from music legends who have toured the world.


So if you want to escape the traditional tourist areas, and listen to some amazing music the Hardmel Rock Pub in Las Palmas is well worth a visit.

5 / 5 stars     

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