Arguineguin Live Music Bars

Arguineguin is not a typical tourist resort so you might be surprised to discover that there are some brilliant live music bars in the area. If you look closely, you will soon discover that there are several different ones to choose from. These bars are fantastic and every nationality is welcome to enjoy the different styles of music.


Where to find them

Head for the rather old-fashioned Ancora shopping centre, you will discover a treasure trove of different bars, cafes and restaurants. The layout of this centre can be confusing, although when music is playing, you can just follow your ears. There are several different bars within the Ancora to choose from, so you might be able to pick out some Spanish, Norwegian and classic British rock anthems if you listen closely.

Music for every day of the week

Many of the bars focus on weekend entertainment only, although Buster Bar ensures that there is some form of music on nearly every night.

Arguineguin by Dmytrok

The aftermarket entertainment on a Tuesday is excellent, and the ideal way to finish your day. Not only can you listen to the sounds, but you can join in by singing and playing the various instruments on offer.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the bars come alive, and there are various different artists playing a huge range of sounds. Whether you want rock, classical or Irish melodies, there is something for everyone.

Many of the locals will attend these evenings, and it is a nice way to mingle with the people who live in the area.

Enjoying the local hospitality

Mandy’s Den is another place to visit, and you will find that there are live acts on several nights. The bar is welcoming to every nationality and offers a friendly atmosphere too. The local artists are really good, and you will be surprised how talented people in Gran Canaria are when it comes to these acts and shows.


Arguineguin is a quieter resort but the bars stay open until the early hours, with no complaints from the local residents. The acts are varied, although if you are expected a loud, nightclub experience you will be disappointed. Most of what is on offer is designed for easy listening, and getting the audience involved, so head to the Ancora centre any evening and see what you can find.


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  1. Kydd

    Hi Victoria.
    Very useful site you have here, thanks for the effort 🙂

    seems though it’s not been updated in a couple of years so not sure if you’re still fully active here.
    I’m moving to Gran Canaria with my wife and daughter…tomorrow actually.
    I’m a circus artist and have been trying to find others to work with and train with but there is nothing helpful online. It’s a long shot but perhaps you know of a group or venue where I could find other artists to train/work with

    many thanks

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