Red Rose Cafe, Puerto Rico

The Red Rose Cafe is located just behind Puerto Base in Puerto Rico. Whether you want to come off the beach for a half an hour break for the sun or eat dinner al fresco, you’ll like the atmosphere at the Red Rose Cafe in Puerto Rico.


There are other bars and cafes in this area including Flanagan’s Apple which is an Irish bar. You might like to eat at the Red Rose Cafe and then listen to some live Irish music afterwards. There are lots of Irish bars in the two shopping centres in Puerto Rico as well.


You can sit indoors or outdoors and enjoy a beer or glass of wine or eat. The menu includes a traditional Sunday roast as well as snacks, breakfasts or vegetarian options. Why not spend Christmas in the sun this year and have your Christmas dinner there. The phone number for this cafe is (+34) 928 562185. You don’t normally need to book but you can if it’s especially busy when you’re there.



  1. anon

    do not eat at the red rose, i and my sister were violently ill the night after having breakfast there!

  2. Victoria

    Sorry to hear that! Are you sure it was the breakfast and not lunch? Usually food poisoning is quicker than that. Hope you enjoyed your holiday despite being ill.

  3. H.Haley

    can you please tell me if red rose cafe restuarant is still open .we have been trying to ring them to book our christmas dinner there but the telephone just goes dead.we have been there for the last few years for our dinner.if you have any imformation regarding if it is still open could please e-mail us to let us know if there is a new contact number

    yours faithfully

  4. Victoria

    Yes it’s still open! I’ll try to find out what’s up with the phone.

  5. Sam

    The food here was truly revolting, the place smells and flies everywhere, apparently “All the best flies eat here” according to the owner. We couldn’t finish the meal and it was far too expensive, even if the food was half decent. The owner seemed oblivious to the fact that their cafe has serious problems.

  6. wendy

    We have just spent a whole week eating the most wonderful food at The Red Rose Cafe.. Made to feel friends by Robert and Janey x

  7. Andy

    Wendy you must eat some terrible food back in the UK if you think the food at Red Rose is wonderfull!! It is the biggest pile of slop on a plate and you must have been seen as mug of the week to them to willingly pay their rip off prices for 7 days in a row. I payed 50 euros for a meal that would have struggled to command 20 quid in the UK. The whole place is swarming with flies and cats. As for friendly staff..well they all act friendly when they are ripping you off. Avoid at all costs!!

  8. Claire

    Totally shocking quality of food… and overpriced!!
    It is possible the worst restaurant (and I use that term loosely) that we have ever eaten at!! Deifintely one to avoid!!

  9. Claire

    Totally shocking quality of food… and overpriced!!
    It is possible the worst restaurant (and I use that term loosely) that we have ever eaten at!! Definitely one to avoid!!

  10. Monika

    In your place there is a meeting point on catamaran party. Can I have some more details??? Where I can find them on internet?

  11. Victoria (Post author)

    Monika, you can find some info about catamaran trips here – although several boats don’t have websites that I am aware of

  12. Monika

    Thank You victoria. Its seems like this one which I am looking for have got no website. People promissed to us catamaran party bought, charged nearly 90 and unfortunatelly it was sheed on the wheels. Not recommend to anyone. Shame they stilling such a amount of money from people.

  13. Victoria

    Do you mean someone sold you tickets for a trip that did not exist? Can you give me the name of the boat or say where you bought the tickets or who from? Just so we can warn future customers. Or did you take the trip? I’m not sure I understood your last post.

  14. Victoria

    “sheed on the wheels” doesn’t make sense in English

  15. Monika

    Hm. We actually have been on the trip but we have been promissed KATAMARAN PARTY BOAT, two dj’s, a lot of attraction. Unfortunately none of this was true. They charged us nearly 100 for two people. And the meeting before the trip was actually at the RED ROSE CAFE… They stealing people money cause none of the things which they promise its true.

  16. Victoria

    Sorry to hear that, Monika, I don’t think the Red Rose Cafe organizes trips although someone might have said to meet there. Unfortunately some people who sell boat tickets exaggerate the trips and promise things that aren’t true. I used to sell fishing trips and was always honest about the day. The person who worked next to me used to lie about the experience and guarantee big fish. In my experience people prefer to hear the truth about a trip. Sorry your catamaran trip didn’t live up to your expectations. I don’t know “cataramaran party boat” though, unless you know the actual name of the boat. There is more than one party boat.

  17. Erika

    DO NOT GO THERE! Staff is very unfriendly and the food is a disgrace. We ordered a seabass €13 and we got a cod instead. We knew because we eat a lot of fish and my boyfirend is a chef. It was the worst restaurant we have ever been.

  18. john

    I have just returned from Gran Canaria, Sadly I only found the red rose cafe 2 days before coming home. My Daughter & Myself enjoyed eating & drinking there. Lovely staff !! Especially the non swimmer.LOL.(Dont get ya face wet ) Cant wait to get back there! John.

  19. John

    If you enjoy good food then i insist you try this place, If you love your fry up ? don’t deny yourself the pleasure ! The beer is value for money i must say & the staff are just amazing. I just regret I didnt go there 14yr ago,Straight from school also, Im also a believer in love at first sight.

  20. john

    especially with the blonde cook. If you see her tell her !

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