Playa de Gui Gui

During my time working in Puerto Escala, I lost count of the times people asked me how to get to Gui Gui beach (pronounced weewee beach). This beach is reputed to be one of the prettiest on the whole island and that might be because it isn’t packed with tourists.


Guigui beach, on the remote west coast, is only accessible by boat or by foot. There is a campsite nearby with a cafe selling the important things (rum, soft drinks, beer, cigarettes and snacks) and a number of Canarians descend on the place during Easter, Christmas and at other holidays. At other times it is deserted and you might have it all to yourself apart from the resident hermit. The cafe might be closed so take supplies, just in case.

The beach has dark sand and it is surrounded by mountains. You can either get a boat trip which includes a stop-off at Gui Gui beach (check with the tour desks in Puerto Base) or make your own way there and hike through the mountain pass. This hike takes a few hours and isn’t for the unfit!

Water Taxi

There is also a water taxi which you can take from Puerto de las Nieves, in the northeast. Until the taxi company invest in a shore boat, you do have to climb over the boat and wade/swim to the shore, so bring a waterproof bag with you! They don’t have a website yet (at least not one I can find!)


A return trip takes 20 minutes each way and costs 25 euros and you can stay for as many days as you like. Technically camping on the beach is illegal in the Canaries but nobody ever checks this rugged, remote area.


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