Playa del Tasartico

Playa del Tasartico is a shingle beach on the west coast of Gran Canaria. Located in the borough of La Aldea de San Nicolas, Playa del Tasartico is a quiet beach, similar to Gui Gui beach or another off the off-the-beaten-track ones.


This rustic, secluded beach doubles as a nudist beach, since there is rarely anyone there to see you, and it is half a kilometer long by twenty metres wide.

Be careful when swimming, not only because the beach is unattended but because there can be a moderate swell, so you should only go out beyond your depth if you are a strong swimmer.


There is a campsite in San Nicolas, not too far from Playa del Tasartico, but there is not a lot else in the area. If you want to spend one day on a secluded beach, you might like to pay Playa del Tasartico a visit. It isn’t the best beach for kids and there are no shops or facilities nearby so bring sufficient food and drink.


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