Playa Ambar

This has to be one of the tiniest beaches in Gran Canaria but if you are looking for total isolation, you can either visit Playa de Gui Gui or this one, which is near Tasarte, San Nicolas de Tolentino.


If you are looking for jet skis, bars, restaurants and other facilities, forget Playa Ambar and head to one of the busier beaches, but if you just want to relax and visit a quiet, peaceful beach, you might like this one. Of all the nudist beaches and natural resorts in Gran Canaria, this is one of the most unspoiled. Its isolation means it can be used as a nudist beach if that’s what you’re into but the length of this beach means you can have a huge stretch of it to yourself (or the whole beach on most days).

Playa Ambar is 220 metres long and 17 metres wide when the sea is out. There are no buildings there and the sand is grey, fine and gravelly. The beach is sheltered, which means the sea is calm and nice for swimming.


The seclusion of Playa Ambar means that it is not the best beach in Gran Canaria for everybody. You will have to park the car nearby and then walk to it as well. The closest busy beach to Playa Ambar would be Playa de Mogan.


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