Smoking Banned at Playa del Mogan

A new law has been passed prohibiting smoking on one of Gran Canaria’s favorite beaches, Playa del Mogan. This is largely because of the dog-ends that smokers carelessly flick into the sand when they’ve finished smoking.


I might be in the minority but I wholeheartedly support this. I would change the law to ban litter in general though, not just dog-ends. The beaches are often covered in empty cans, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, and other rubbish. And the beaches which are mainly Canarian (as opposed to the tourist ones) are the worst, I’ve found.

Personally I take ALL my rubbish home with me, as I believe everyone else should. The beaches are free to use, so why foul them up for others? 🙁 No other municipalities are banning smoking on the beaches (or nighttime bathing) so why is Mogan alone in doing this?


What do you think, do you agree or disagree with the smoking on beaches ban? What is the law in your country? I am anti-litter, whether it’s dog-ends, cans, plastic, or whatever else, and I think it is a good law. I also don’t like to be peacefully sunbathing then start coughing, realising I’m downwind of someone puffing on a cigarette, oblivious to everyone else. If you’re stupid enough to kill yourself with cigarettes, do it somewhere away from others.



  1. mary stonebridge

    I live in the UK . there isn’t ban on smoking in public places, but I sometimes feel there should be.
    Walking behind someone and walking into a cloud of cigarette smoke is pretty awful. I have just recently returned from maspalomas .I love the beach, sea, I settle down on the beach with no one around us and inveribly someone will sit down almost within touching distance, and light up a cigarette and quite oblivious to anyone choking on their smoke. When there is a whole beach to sit on they will insist on sitting close to you. We avoid the sunbeds as you never know who is going to light up next to you. So a smoking ban on Mogan Beach may be shape of things to come , and we can all enjoy smoke free sunbathing. Mary.

  2. Victoria

    Totally agreed! Non smokers should never be forced to breathe 2nd hand smoke, especially when it’s so dangerous, not to mention disgusting to a non-smoker. Smokers should smoke away from those who don’t want to inhale it. I’m asthmatic too and have to use an inhaler if I’m in a smoky place.

  3. Janet

    OH come on for god sake how much space do you want. You have all public places. i.e. bars. resturants etc. Yes we smoke and we know the consequences. you can sit were you want to the smokers have to sit outside and now you want to take that away from us. We have rights as well. Oh and by the way I think you will find that the ruling for the beach at Mogan has been overturned One for the smokers Sorry!!!

  4. Victoria

    Non-smokers only want to choose NOT to breathe your smoke. I don’t think it’s much to ask.

  5. Victoria (Post author)

    It’s now been modified. There are now smokers’ areas and non-smokers’ areas, which is probably the fairest way, plus there will be ashtrays in the smoking areas so the sand won’t be full of cigarette butts.

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