Playa de Los Secos

Playa de Los Secos is a 260 metre long and 25 metre wide beach in the Mogan area of Gran Canaria. With fine grey, gravel-type sand and a gentle tide, this area is sometimes frequented by nudists but very often it is empty altogether because it’s not exactly on the beaten track.


This beach has no walkway along the back, unlike areas such as Maspalomas and San Agustin. Instead, if you want to visit Playa de Los Secos, you will have to drive to Camping Tasarte (unless you’re already camping there) and clamber over the rocks for an hour.


Some people like to visit out of the way places and if you’re looking for a beach with no facilities or services, just peace and quiet, you might like Playa de Los Secos. If you prefer a bit more life, try Playa del Ingles or Amadores beach.

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