Amadores Beach

Just a 15 minute walk from Puerto Escala, Amadores (which literally means “The Lovers”) is a great beach to visit. The beach itself is bigger than the one in Puerto Rico and has plenty of shops, bars and restaurants behind. You can rent sunbeds or spread your towel on the sand.


Amadores Beach
Photo By CGT

The sand’s actually different than the powdery Anfi sand or fine Puerto Rico sand. It’s coarser (made from crushed stone) and easier to brush off!

I recommend a visit to Playa del Amadores during the week because all the Canarians from Las Palmas descend on the area at the weekend with their camper vans. They set up virtual houses on the beach – tents, kitchens, tables, chairs, toys for the many kids – quite amusing to see – and they spend all day there until late. If you prefer more space (and quiet) Monday to Friday is good! You can see the sea parades pass by at Fiesta del Carmen if you’re there on July 16th.

At the far end of Amadores Beach is a mini golf course. What is it with mini golf here? They had a large free space so they built a mini golf course. We already have about 15 of these things in the south of the island – at least!! You can’t walk more than 10 minutes without finding one! How about a dolphinarium or cinema? Nope, mini golf! Well, I’m not exactly Tiger Woods but I admit the mini golf is fun (not in the middle of August when it’s 40ºC though!)


Amadores 2
Photo By CGT


If you fancy a change from Puerto Rico or Mogán, try Amadores Beach. You can get the bus (or a cab) from Mogan or stroll along the sea wall if you’re based in Puerto Rico. You can get food, drink, snacks and newspapers when you get there. And if you feel energetic… there’s always the mini golf!



  1. Drew

    Thanks for your description of the lovely Amadores beach (one of our favourites!)
    I can’t wait until Boxing day when we come out for our usual 10 day stint…I can almost smell the Salmon pasta from Ciao Ciao!

  2. Understated

    Amadores beach club is distinguished by a majority of staff who are very helpful and friendly, especially lenka. However, one member of staff is unhappy to hte point of hostility. The food is variable. The same ordered item can be first class or not worth eating. It seems to depend on the time of day ordered and who is in the kitchen. The concept of ‘internet cafe’ is not really a true description. There is one computer with a variable connection and at least one memebr of staff appears to resent customers using it. However, if you have a laptop, there is no problem plugging it in and using the wireless connection – although whether or not the router has been turned on appears to depend on the disposition of the particular staff on duty.

  3. kenny

    it will be our 26th weding annivesary while we are on holiday in Puerto Rico is there a nice place to eat and roughly how much it would cost. my wife likes fish i prefer a steak we both like wine

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    There are a few to choose from, Kenny, maybe my absolute favourite, which is – also Barbacoa in the Europa Centre is nice. With these places expect to pay about 15€ for a main course and 15€ for a nice bottle of wine.

    For a budget option, Balcon Canario in the bottom shopping centre does wonderful Canarian food and it’s half the price. Mephisto opposite the Europa Centre is good too.

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