Playa del Amadores

Playa del Amadores can be translated to mean “beach of the lovers” which might lead you to believe it’s small and quiet. Actually, that description should be used for places like Playa de Gui Gui or Playa Ambar because Playa del Amadores is quite busy. Amadores is between Puerto Rico and Mogan but closer to Puerto Rico. You can walk between the two, using the coast path, in about fifteen minutes. Amadores has grainy yellow sand and the bay is protected, making it nice for swimming. There is no harbour there, so don’t expect any boat trips.


Behind Playa del Amadores is a whole row of shops, cafes and bars. You can buy any beach-related item in the shops – sunglasses, towels, a cold Cola or beer, inflatable lilos etc. The cafes and bars range in quality and prices but they all have an amazing view of the beach and sea, since the shops are literally right at the back of the beach.

A view of Amadores from near to the Europa Centre

Playa del Amadores received the Blue Flag award in 2004, for cleanliness, and both loud music and ball games are forbidden here. There are paid toilet and shower facilities behind the beach and you can get buses from Amadores to all the main resorts. There is also a taxi rank there.

If you are staying in Puerto Rico or Puerto de Mogan, Amadores is a nice beach to visit. During the day you can soak up the sun and relax in the sea. If you’re still there in the evening, try one or two of the bars or one of the cafes or restaurants for your dinner.


You can often see the sun set behind Mount Teide. Yes, Mount Teide is the highest point on Tenerife, which is another island, but Playa del Amadores gives you a great view of it 🙂


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