August is the hottest month of the year. If you want it slightly cooler (but not much!) try July or September. Temperatures range from 25º to 40ºC in the daytime and every day is hot and sunny. August is also the busiest month for tourists so if you like it more quiet, you might prefer to visit in a different month. August is another month of blue skies and heat, even at night. You will need a fan in your apartment or hotel room (you can easily rent one) or you could treat yourself to an air-conditioned hotel room!


On August 4 is Bajada de la Rama (bringing down the Branch), which is a colourful festival. It is held in Puerto de las Nieves and Agaete and has its roots in old Guanche raindancing customs. Pine branches are carried by villagers from the mountains to the sea and thrashed about in the waves, to encourage rainfall.


In Lomo Magullo, in Telde, you can see the bizarre annual water fight. More than 12,000 people usually go and throw water over each other! Water is vital to grow sugar cane, almonds and oranges and, years ago, youngsters had to go out and hunt for it. Canarian festivals can be very unusual and lots of fun! If you prefer to sunbathe and enjoy the heat (and cool off in the sea!) try Amadores Beach which is very pretty.

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