The Current Temperature in Gran Canaria

This week might be a bit hot, even for diehard sun worshippers! We’ve been having temperatures over 40ºC in the daytimes (and not much cooler at night).



I’m enjoying the mornings at home sitting in front of the fan but the afternoons sitting in the harbour are rather warm and I might throw myself in and have a swim this afternoon! 🙂 August is meant to be even hotter!



  1. I Docker

    What is the weather like mid January? as thinking of visiting for a couple of weeks looking for some sunshine how will we be doing?

  2. Victoria

    Hi there,

    Well January and February tend to be the coolest months but you have a good chance of some warm, sunny days. There might be some overcast days too but it’ll certainly be warmer than where you are now. If you’re visiting for two weeks you’ll get some nice weather for sure. Occasionally it rains a little in January but never for more than a short while at a time.

    Have fun 🙂


  3. Victoria

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