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Cheapest Car Hire Maspalomas

If you’re not interested in putting on your hiking boots and doing a lot of walking Gran Canaria is ideal for driving around. The island is relatively small and there are a variety of car hire companies in Gran Canaria,… (READ MORE)

Vistaflor Bungalows Review

Vistaflor Bungalows are in Maspalomas and offer a tranquil, relaxing holiday away from all the hustle and bustle of the main resorts. You’ll be situated just 2.5 km from the beach, and the complex offers a free bus shuttle throughout… (READ MORE)

Gran Canaria for Families

Gran Canaria is a great island to visit, whether you are a couple, a family, a group, or even a solo traveller, because there is something for everybody. You can choose from different resorts on the island, including Playa del… (READ MORE)

Public Transport

If you want to explore Gran Canaria, you have several options. There is no train system, which should not surprise you too much, considering the size of Gran Canaria. There is, however, a very economical bus system. Buses are known… (READ MORE)

Anfi del Mar

If white Caribbean sand and turquoise sea sounds like your idea of heaven, you will like Anfi del Mar. Although this is primarily a timeshare resort, the beach is not private and anybody can visit. I’ve been there numerous times!… (READ MORE)

Relocating to Gran Canaria

I recently received a message from Patricia, who is wondering about moving to La Higuerita and who asked me about the place and the cost of living. Thanks for your most recent message, Patricia – I’ll post it on here… (READ MORE)

Mogan Market

Every Friday about a thousand people walk past my desk (OK, at the moment about a hundred – see my what happened to the summer?! post). When asked “do you want to go fishing?” their reply is always the same…. (READ MORE)