September is slightly cooler than August but still hot – over 25ºC anyway! It is quite a busy month, tourist-wise, and you are still pretty much guaranteed clear skies and constant sun. The evenings are still warm in September and the nights are pleasantly cool. There is a small chance of a rainy day if you visit in September but, when it rains here, it only lasts an hour or so and there are plenty of bars to relax in while waiting for it to stop!


On September 6th to 8th, you can watch the Pilgrimage to Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Pino in Teror, when pilgrims from all over the island converge and offer fresh produce to the Virgin of the Pine, the patron Saint of the Canaries.  From September 7th to 11th, you can see the Fiesta del Charco, or Festival of the Lagoon. This is held in Puerto de la Aldea and traditions include wrestling and stick-fighting competitions and the villagers wade into the water and try to catch fish with their bare hands.


If you fancy cooling off on the sea, there is a wide range of boat trips available, including dolphin and whale spotting, deep sea fishing and booze cruises. I’ve tried most of them!

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