Virgin del Pino Fiesta 2008

The legendary Virgin del Pino is believed to have appeared to shepherds in 1481 on top of a pine tree. The water under the tree was thought to have magical powers and a church was built there. This spot is in Teror, in the north of the island and the Pilgrimage to Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Pino festival takes place there every year.


Church in Teropr
Photo by Jonaycp

La Fiesta del Pino begins on 7th September with dancing, singing and gifts from different municipalities but the festivities will go on until October (the Canarians know how to party!) There will be a firework display at 1am on 8th September and pilgrims are allowed to come and view the Virgin del Pino statue until 5am.

Virgin del Pino
Photo by J F Marrero


2008 is the 300 year anniversary of the tower bell which rings to announce the statue of the Virgin has left the basilica. There is also a marathon run from Las Palmas at 7am to the village and the Las Palmas band accompanies the pilgrim procession.


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