October is warm and approaching the end of what we residents call summer. I know it is hot all year in Gran Canaria but we do like to define some kind of seasons! The day temperatures in October can range from 20ºC to 30ºC and almost every day is sunny. The evenings might be 18ºC or slightly more, so you might need something with long sleeves for the evenings or you might not, depending whether you are from John O’Groats or somewhere a bit warmer! 


The second Saturday in October is the Fiestas de la Naval, or Festival of the Sea. There are maritime processions around many ports, to mark the anniversary of the Spanish Armada over Sir Francis Drake in 1595. On October 5th is Fiesta de la Virgin del Rosario, Festival of Our Lady of the Rosary, when you can see stick fights, wrestling, plough-pulling contests, a flower battle, singing and folk dancing. 


If you fancy some sport, you could have a game at Maspalomas Golf Course, a 73 par course which has near perfect conditions, thanks to the great year round climate. Alternatively you could try one of the water parks for some wet and wild fun.

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