November is slightly cooler than October but you can see packed beaches every month in Gran Canaria so it is hardly ‘cold’! Daytime temperatures range from 20ºC to 26ºC in November. You might get a couple of overcast days or a little rain or you might not. Spending a week in the winter sun can be really uplifting!


The WOMAD music festival takes place at Santa Catalina Park, in Las Palmas, every November. There are stars and bands from all over the world and craft and refreshment stalls too. The park is only 10 minutes from the beach. There are workshops you can take part in, featuring everything from drumming and percussion to playing blues guitar. 


From November 25th until December 21st is the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), a transatlantic rally from Las Palmas to the Caribbean island of St Lucia. The trip is 2,700 nautical miles and most entrants take between 12 and 24 days to complete the trip. 
If you have some overcast days, you could visit Palmitos Park, Crocodile Park or one of the island’s markets (it’s the same one, moving around!) The bus service is great on the island and the fares are quite cheap.

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