Gran Canaria Weather December

Weather in Gran Canaria in December is generally better than the weather back home, which is why it is such a popular destination, especially for Christmas and New Year. Gran Canaria Xmas weather varies but in my 11 years there I’ve seen sunny Christmases (yes, and sunbathed on the beach!) and grey ones. It’s always “warm” though, at least 15 deg C and sometimes in the low to mid 20s. Occasionally it can reach the 30s too but only if there is a calima (hot winds from the Sahara), something that happens several times a year.


Although the Canaries Christmas weather might be the deciding factor in picking Gran Canaria as your destination this Christmas, there are plenty of other reasons to go. Christmas and New Year in the Canaries is a busy time. It’s just as busy as during the peak months of July and August, meaning everything will be open for business 🙂


The Gran Canaria Christmas weather means you will return home with a tan. The weather can vary during this time but you should be fine wearing short sleeves in the daytimes and a light jacket in the evenings.


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  1. Dave Pidgen

    Looking forward to my first Xmas in Gran Canadian,most write ups have swayed me.nothing in GB for me over the Xmas period,i need sun sun and more sun.

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