Early Winter Holiday Booking on the Rise

How far in advance do you book your holiday? A few weeks, a few months or even a whole year ahead like some people are doing right now?


The growing demand for Gran Canaria holiday bookings for the rest of this year’s winter is causing a lot of bookings for next year’s winter, which has seen an increase of about 10% so far. The Nordic tour operators are finding it hard to find available rooms in Gran Canaria for winter 2012/2013, according to sources at this year’s FITUR trade fair in Madrid.

Yesterday employers at the trade fair claimed that Scandinavian tour operators searching for rooms to book in the Canary Islands, and Gran Canaria in particular, have not been able to make any bookings because of the strong growth in demand which has forced accommodation providers to reject offers, some at very good prices.


So perhaps there is a moral here somewhere. If you want to be guaranteed of some winter sun, you might want to book your winter 2012/2013 holiday quick before everything is full!


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