Yellow Alert for the Weather

After the recent sirocco (with highs of 38 degrees C) there is now a yellow alert. The meteorological office are warning about temperatures of up to 34 degrees C later in the week. This is in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura as well as Gran Canaria.



We usually have several siroccos (or calimas) in Gran Canaria every year but when you get two close together it can be a bit much, especially if you have to work somewhere with one humble fan (yes I speak from experience) rather than any air conditioning! 😮 The heatwaves can occur at any time during the year but they are less common during the cooler months.


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  1. Victoria

    And it’s just been upped to orange alert. That means highs of 37 degrees C. Don’t forget the sun cream!! 🙂

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