Playa de las Canteras

In some ways Playa de las Canteras in Las Palmas is similar to the beaches in the south, but a lot of people prefer Las Canteras beach because it is not so touristy and it is often quieter (unless you go at the weekend when all the Canarians are there!)


Las Canteras was actually the first tourist resort in Gran Canaria. The beach is about three kilometres long and the sea is safe for swimming. Click here to see a good map of Las Canteras.

Photo by Rafael Tovar

Near to this beach are lots of restaurants, bars and shops and the beach is bordered in the north by La Isleta and in the east  by Santa Catalina, which is where the bus station is. Las Arenas, a really big shopping centre, is nearby.

There is a landscaped promenade in the south of Las Canteras which takes you to the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus. This is home to the Las Palmas Philharmonic Orchestra and it is an interesting piece of architecture which was build as a tribute to the tenor Alfredo Kraus in 1997.


If you want some tips for exploring Las Palmas then make sure you take a walk along Las Canteras beach or even spend a day there. Not everyone speaks Spanish there (like in the south) and you might not find English menus but that all adds to the fun! Recent temperatures have been good (27 degrees C today!) so we’re well into the summer now, making the Las Canteras beach even more tempting for a visit.


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