How to Order a Coffee in Gran Canaria

You might already know that “cafe” is the Spanish word for coffee and, to take it a step further, “cafe con leche” is coffee with milk. But how would you order a decaf or an espresso?


What about if you are visiting Las Palmas or Vecindario and the bar or restaurant staff don’t speak English?

Here is our coffee ordering guide including the pronunciations:

Cafe Solo: (cah-fay soh-loh) Espresso

Cafe con Leche: (cah-fay con leh-chay) Coffee with lots of frothy milk

Leche Leche: (leh-chay leh-chay) Coffee with a layer of condensed milk at the bottom

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Cortado: (cor-tar-doh) Coffee with a little milk

Carajillo: (cah-rah-hee-yo) Coffee with a tot of rum (sometimes half coffee, half alcohol, depends on the bar or restaurant – quite a dangerous breakfast!)

Cafe con Hielo: (cah-fay con ee-yay-loh) An espresso with a glass of ice cubes (a kind of DIY iced coffee!)

Cafe Asiatico: (cah-fay ah-see-ah-ti-koh) Coffee with cinnamon, condensed milk and a tot of rum or brandy (I think it’s foul but some people like it!)

Leche Manchado: (leh-chay man-chah-doh) Frothy milk with a tiny trace of coffee

Cafe Descafeinado: (cah-fay des-cah-fee-nah-doh) Decaf coffee


A lot of coffee used to be produced in the Canaries but the cheaper prices of Brazilian and Vietnamese coffee meant a drastic cut in Canarian coffee production. However it is still the most popular drink on the island and 99% of Canarians start the day with a cup of coffee as well as whatever Canarian cooking they are having for their breakfast!


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