Arguineguin is a traditional fishing village in the south of Gran Canaria, which is incredibly popular with travellers from all over the world. There are many locals living in this area so it is far quieter than the neighbouring resorts which are full of noisy tourists. However, Arguineguin still has a vast array of different things to explore.


Photo by Dmytrok

Eating and Drinking

This quaint, traditional Canadian town is located within the municipality of Mogan and has some fascinating features. The fishing boats provide the local bars and restaurants with fresh fish caught daily, ensuring that you have plenty to eat. You can enjoy the local specialties, while sitting on the beach front, enjoying the glorious weather. One of the best places to eat is the little restaurant in the harbour. It’s cheap in there too.

Market Day

Tuesday is market day, and you will see an entirely different side to the town, when tourists descend for bargains and local products. Market day is not as busy here as it is in Mogan (where people seem to prefer to go for their bargains) but it’s still busy enough, and perhaps better if you don’t like it too crowded.

There is a port in Arguineguin, which allows you to catch the water taxi to the local resort of Anfi, or continue round to the busy resort of Puerto Rico. If you want to venture further around the coast, Mogan can also be accessed by the water taxi.

Photo by Dmytrok

For the landlubbers, there are plenty of taxis or the local buses, which are cheap and very regular. Arguineguin is far quieter than other resorts, which is why many people enjoying staying in this area. There are several hotels to choose along the seafront, although apartments and private rentals are also popular.

What’s the Winter Like There?

During the winter months, the area is popular with the Norwegians, who have many facilities in the town like a Norwegian church and Norwegian bars.

Every nationality is welcomed though and you will find the locals to be very friendly, even if there are some communication difficulties! There are several bars, restaurants and shops to explore, including the Ancora Centre, a smallish shopping mall.

If you are self-catering while on holiday, there are two main supermarkets to choose from. Both are affordable and offer a large range of foods.

There are a range of backstreet shops to explore, and you will feel that you are mingling with the locals. You might need to practise your Spanish while staying in Arguineguin though, since English isn’t so widely spoken as in the other resort towns, but a lot can be achieved by the tried and tested technique of pointing and nodding! 🙂


The main road – GC1 – is located very close by to Arguineguin, which makes exploring the other resorts and areas straightforward. If you want to enjoy the fantastic weather that the Canary Islands offer, but away from the tourist resorts, this is certainly a resort for you to consider.


  1. Peter OHara

    Do you know of any bars in Arguineguin that plays live music on a Sunday afternoon. Somebody told me that was one but can’t find it anywhere.
    Thanks Pete

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Peter, have a look here: There are a couple of links to Arguineguin bars which feature live music. Enjoy 🙂

  3. Roberta Thompson

    There is a problem at the moment with live music in Ancora centre…Busters, Charlottes etc not sure when this will be resolved I am sure it will be but its a must for many of the bars that dont serve food…………stopped in Feb 2013…but you can still catch up with Bob Gorman at other venues closeby !!

  4. Rachel

    Hi I’m planning a move to Puerto Rico with my partner and 8 year old daughter next summer..
    Could you help on which state schools would be best for me to look at for her she will be ready to go into year 4 (2nd year of junior school) I want her to attend a Spanish school so she has a better chance of fitting into the community thanks 🙂

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