7 Things to Do in Maspalomas

Maspalomas is the oldest of all the tourist resorts on the island of Gran Canaria and is the ideal place to stay regardless of your budget.


There is a vibrant, party feel throughout at night, although during the day it is far more relaxed. The location of Maspalomas makes it an ideal base to explore other parts of the island.

There are plenty of different activities to enjoy in Maspalomas. This part of the island is considered to be incredibly beautiful, providing you with plenty to explore for free.

Photo by Bortescristian

Here are 7 ideas for you, if you want to know about things to do in Maspalomas while you’re there:

Dunas de Maspalomas- This amazing area of Maspalomas will provide you with plenty to see and do. The dunes are breathtaking, and the beach stretches for about 4 miles, ensuring that there is plenty of sand for everyone. In 1994 these dunes were declared a national park and are protected. You can walk on the dunes but do be cautious of the midday sun, and take plenty of water.

Camel safari- If you want to explore the dunes but do not fancy the long walk, you could try a camel safari. These daily trips are popular with tourists and will provide you with the perfect transportation across the dunes. Lunch is often provided, and you can enjoy a relaxing break in the Bedouin tent.  As you trek across the dunes, you will feel as if you are part of the film crew in the Sahara.

Holiday World- this leisure park is ideal for families, with plenty on offer for everyone to enjoy. The small fair is suited to younger children but there are also bowling alleys, arcades, and bars for the older generations. You could spend a fun day enjoying all of the facilities, before eating in one of the restaurants.

Palmitos Park- although this is located just outside Maspalomas it deserves a mention. Palmitos Park is a fascinating subtropical oasis filled with exotic plants and animals. There is a regular bus service to the park, ensuring that you can reach it easily throughout the south. If you’re in Maspalomas already you can just get a cab for a few euros.

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Within the park, you can enjoy over 1500 different species of birds, alongside the exciting new dolphinarium.  This is one of the favourite things to do whilst in Maspalomas and is suited for all the family.

Moonlight Cinema- this open-air cinema is an experience that you will not receive anywhere else. You can enjoy your favourite movies, under the stars whilst relaxing on the comfortable sofas.  There is pizza and drinks served throughout the movie, and kids go free, which make it an affordable family night out.

Faro de Maspalomas- this area of Maspalomas is considered to be one of the best for having an evening stroll and a quiet drink. The promenade is beautiful and provides you with several bars and restaurants to enjoy. The lighthouse stands at one end of the promenade, and is the best place to begin your walk. There is a small shopping centre at the far end, which sells local produce, clothing and gifts.


Playa de Maspalomas- this beach is perfect for everyone, and provides different areas depending, on what you are searching for from your holiday. There are areas along the sand that are considered for adults, as nudists enjoy the area. However, they are clearly marked and nowhere near the family areas. Water sports are popular along this beach, and you will find that there is something for everyone.


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