Cordial Mogan Valle Apartments Review

The Cordial Mogan Valle is in the beautiful fishing village of Mogan and is ideal for older visitors wanting peace and quiet.


The apartment complex is in a subtropical garden and within walking distance of the beach. The apartments are large and very well decorated, making you feel at home in the tranquil surroundings.

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Puerto Mogan Resort

The resort of Puerto Mogan is quieter than most of the other resorts found around the island and is brilliant if you simply want to relax. There are plenty of bars and restaurants down by the beach, and you can easily hop on a ferry to nearby Puerto Rico.

You’ll find everything you need for your self-catering holiday in one of the nearby supermarkets, and if you have hired a car you can venture further.

Good Points

The rooms are spotless, and you can have the maid tidy every day and give you clean towels, which is important to many people.

The entertainment in the complex is fantastic and offers something for everyone staying there. The balconies are huge, and have both loungers and a table to eat at, which is unusual in holiday apartments.

Bad Points

Teenagers and young adults will struggle to find things to do, and this resort may be too quiet for some people. The layout of the apartments can be confusing when you first arrive, and the map that you are given is not the best.

The kitchens in the room are also a bit of a letdown and can only really cater for breakfast and lunch style cooking. The pool area can get very busy and feel overcrowded easily.



Our conclusion is that if you’re perhaps an older couple, looking for peace and quiet, rather than noise and nightlife, Cordian Mogan Valle Apartments would be absolutely perfect.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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