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Sonnenland is in the south of Gran Canaria and is considered to be one of the quieter areas on the island. This area is only 35 minutes from the airport, making it a pleasant journey when you arrive. There are… (READ MORE)

Stag Parties in Gran Canaria

Although places closer to home like Amsterdam and Ibiza are popular stag party destinations, the Canaries have a certain appeal and part of that is the year-round good weather. Now I’m not saying that every day is hot and sunny… (READ MORE)

Greenfield Hotel, Playa del Ingles

When my ex-boyfriend and I left Gran Canaria for a year to work in Ireland (long story, another time!) we visited for a week during that time and stayed at the Greenfield Hotel. Since we’d been living in the Canaries… (READ MORE)


Garldar used to be the centre of the Guanche civilisation in Gran Canaria, so there are lots of archaeological ruins there. The Spanish took over from the Guanches in 1484 and the name Galdar comes from the word “Agaldar”, meaning… (READ MORE)

Floods in Gran Canaria

You can see from the pictures on here: how bad the flooding in Gran Canaria can get. I remember during my first ever month on the island we had a torrential downpour and the shop underneath the hotel I… (READ MORE)

Tips for Exploring Las Palmas

Exploring Las Palmas is highly recommended. This is the capital of Gran Canaria and if you fancy a day away from the beach there is plenty to see there. Las Palmas is a bit of a sprawling city, however, and… (READ MORE)