The Indian Head bar, Puerto Rico

The Indian Head is one of those bars I’ve walked past many times and never ventured inside! When it comes to bars Gran Canaria offers a fair bit of variety and this bar looked a bit different from the outside. It was totally different on the inside too – few bars here have red carpeted walls, American Indian photos all over the place and sculptures of American Indian heads! I visited with my partner Mike and we decided to have a drink there, despite Sitting Bull and Custer frowning down at us from a huge painting.


Photo by Sidehike

After getting our drinks, we decided to sit at the bar but soon began to see a lot of cockroaches crawling around! I also spotted a mouse dart inside across to the stage! The toilets are labelled as “squaws” and “braves” (possibly confusing to the current Scandinavian clientele) and they were very clean.

I left the “squaws” and went back to the bar area where the air had become decidedly frosty. The previously friendly barmaid deposited our un-asked for bill in front of us and Mike explained that he had asked the barmaid how come there were so many cockroaches in the bar!! That question obviously went down like the Titanic.


The prices were reasonable, the bar is interesting and there is live music from 10:30pm every night. If you are going to be in Gran Canaria at Christmas, you might want to try this bar for a change. The Indian Head is located on the first floor of the Puerto Rico Commercial Centre so if you fancy a different kind of night and the company of older people (and you don’t mind small wildlife) pop along for a drink. But don’t mention the roaches.


  1. kath raw

    Ha Ha!! Next time I’m over I have to visit this bar! And I shall mention the roaches!! x

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    They were only small ones. By the time you come over they will be huge!!

  3. glen

    Interesting that.. been in the bar and loved it. Found the staff wonderful and friendly. As for the cockroaches think you will find them everywhere in Gran Canaria. Think the mouse was caught. Pity cant say the same for the 2 rats who decided to write an article after one visit. LOL x

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    Actually some bars are dirty and others are clean (a bit like apartments). The grime bothered me more than the roaches!

    But… different strokes for different folks. It would be boring if everyone liked the same bar (and pretty packed – you’d never get to the bar for a drink!) LOL x

  5. stuart

    if you can sing then you will sound very good in here. Denis,who owns the place is an excellent country and western singer and has things set up perfectly for anyone who wants to have a go at karaoke.
    the area is all kept very clean. i absolutely recommend this bar. stu

  6. Heidi

    My husband and me have been down to Puerto Rico for many years now, and we came over this bar a few years ago. I fell in love it right away! Denis and the staff is so lovely and the people you meet there are so friendly and nice. I recommend you all to take a drink in this bar and listening to all the great singers. If you have been there once – I promise you – You come back next time for sure 🙂

  7. Victoria (Post author)

    Well there certainly seem to be plenty of people who love this bar 🙂

  8. pam and bernard

    Just come back from Puerto Rico. Had a great time
    and went in the Indian Head every night!!!

    Janet who serves the drinks is lovely friendly person and Dennis and Audry as mine host are great.

    One thing for certain it is cleaned every day and you would have to go a long way to find a bar clearner and friendlier!!!

    Will be back there in January – hope to see you all there.

  9. Tor and Linda

    We have also visited the Indian Head the last two years we’ve been to Gran Canaria in November. We have been there a few nights and had a lovely time. If you read this, we want to give our regards to Bernie, Dolly, Bobby and everyone else who have been singing in this bar. Hope we’ll meet again some time …):

  10. Doug & Ed

    We have been going to the Indian Head for 10 years plus. Best bar we have ever been in!!! So clean & friendly. We go in every night for a month. We would never dream of going to any other bar in Puerto Rico. Best sound system in any karaoke bar we have ever been in.

  11. ROBBIE

    just back fron puerto rico, 8 yrs on trot. Please visit the Indian Head, its a must. best karaoke bar and freindliest staff and owners denis and audrey, simply the best. see you all next year. xxx

  12. sandra

    just been browsing through comments about Indian Head,we are going back Puerto Rico for the fourth time.Loved the bar spent lots of fun nights in there with good company.Met people recentley in Benidorm ,asked me “didn’t we see you singing in the Indian Head”Dont know wether thats good or not.Still cannot wait to go back next week

  13. Victoria (Post author)

    Well the Indian Head certainly seems to have a lot of fans!!

  14. Sheila Bufton

    bestest bar and friends we could ever have got to know, Den Aud and Jan you make every holiday so memorable can:t wait to get back there in your company with the best music in town. KEEP IT COUNTRY such wonderful singers and comedy acts .

  15. Sandra+JohnJ

    Just returned from our Jollies in Gran Caneria Fab time.Visited Indian Head every night.It was as much fun as previous holidays.We met up with some old friends+some new.We love the atmosphere in this bar,its like no other.Long may Dennis+Audrey reign,carry on singing Den it’s country at it’s best.Many thanks for the hospitality .Looking forward to our next visit xxx



  17. Derek and Evelyn

    Been coming to Puerto Rico for 19 years 2 or 3 times per year, not missed many nights in Indian Head since it opened. We have met some wonderful people over the years, had some excellent nights and the singers are real class. We would not dream of ending our night anywhere else. Dennis, Audrey and Jan are good friends to everyone and make you welcome. Roll on July 5th and October 4th

  18. Ade, Dave & Marion

    We have all been going to the Indian Head for 10 years, last visit May 2008. The Indian Head is the most friendly pub on the island. Dennis & Audrey are the perfect hosts & give a tremendously warm welcome to everyone who visits. I hope the wonderfully Dolly is still singing “after the loving”, does anyone know whether Dolly is a professional singer- I was taken aback when she sang that Englebert Humperdink classic. We hope that you are all well & look forward to seeing you soon. Love Ade, Dave & Marian, Cheltenham England x

  19. Heidi

    I know that Dolly earlier has been singing on different night clubs. As far as I know she still sings on “The Palm Tree” in London once a week.

  20. alan penrose

    hi could anyone tell me if the indian head is still going strong and does not look as if it may be closing down

  21. glen

    Yea the Indian Head is still open and doing ok considering the current lack of visitors to the island, And increase in All Inclusive Holidays. It is closed for the summer hoildays till the end of August to let Audrey, Dennis and Janet get some rest but is due to reopen in september as usual for their busy time in the winter season! All are doing fine! Looking forward to seeing new and Old friends and having lotsa Fun and Gr8 music! Enjoy!!!

  22. martin

    This is by far the best bar in the resort. Janet is lovely, Denis and Audrey are your fantastic hosts, going back on the 29th September……never ever seen a roach..or a mouse.

  23. barry

    can anyone tell me if dennis is on holiday at all n october as i want to book a hol there and always use the indian head and dont want to go if its shut.

  24. martin

    they are here now….was in there last night.
    think they go away end of october.

  25. Dave & Sheila

    Easily the best bar in town.Denis,Audrey and Janet are great hosts ,the music and entertainment brilliant and a great place to meet really nice people.Cant wait to see you all in January!

  26. martin

    After another great evening at the Indian Head I can only imagine that the cunning canary has a not very sharp axe to grind.
    The bar itself has to be the cleanest in the resort. The welcome as good as anywhere and the drinks reasonable too.
    The statue of the indian in the photo does not even sit in the bar, but another somewhere else.
    If you want an evening away from the noise of the centre…come here. No kids too…so another bonus.
    Back in March.

  27. Victoria (Post author)

    Nope, no axe to grind at all. Just an honest review based on my opinions. Oh and perhaps the Indian sculpture has moved in the 2 years since we visited. When we visited the word “clean” certainly didn’t apply!! Places often change for the better and this bar, judging by all the comments, sounds like a lot of people love it.

  28. Glen

    The statue depicted has never ever been in The indian Head. The photo was not taken in or at the indian head Bar, Puerto Rico. I have been there every year since its opening. The photo/picture is false as is the impression given by the “cunning canary”, perhaps a better name would be the “sly underminer bird” In fact the actual indian head statue is stone and hand painted. and sits as it always has at the end of the bar. Hope that helps with the Miss information. Visit it yourself and form your OWN opinions! Enjoy!!

  29. Victoria (Post author)

    Glen, I did visit it myself, the day before writing the review. The bar does have native American themed statues and pictures, although the one in the picture is an example of such a piece, not one of the actual one. You’ll see it’s linked to Flickr and accredited to the photographer. I remember there was a statue/sculpture at the end of the bar in front of us.

    I respect that you have your own opinions and I don’t delete any posts on this site from people who happen to disagree with mine. Every post/comment is valid.

    Just for the record, I don’t know anyone who owns the Indian Head or works there so I don’t give praise or criticism just for the sake of it. My review was based on my observations/feelings about the bar after our visit and everyone is entitled to agree or disagree as they see fit.

    Personally I didn’t enjoy my experience at this bar and decided to write about it. Maybe the bar’s changed since I was last there or maybe I just picked a bad night to visit.

    But I don’t own or have interest in a competing business and I don’t know anyone associated with this bar so my review was 100% impartial.

  30. Glen

    Anyone who visits the bar will know your report is not true for a start the staff dont give you bills you pay for your drinks when you get them, think you have used a certain ammount of peotic licence to make your story seem amusing but those of us who visit regularly find your story inaccurate and hard to believe. Was just clarifying the matter from the previous post! I think the abundance of praise and contrary comments from all those who have visited show that everyone else had a different opinion from yourself. But like you say we’re all entitled to our opinion! Just if we chose to make our opinion public others may feel moved to comment on it! Hasta Luego! x

  31. Victoria (Post author)

    As I said, I have no problem getting either positive or negative comments and I do reply to some. I could switch off the comments feature but I like the comments.

    I would like to repeat though that I reported what DID happen at my visit. We weren’t charged for the drinks when they were given to us and the woman in there DID give us the bill when we were partway through the drinks. She put it next to the statue thing in front of us. I remember this clearly. I didn’t use poetic licence, nor did I lie or exaggerate in the report or in any of my other posts on this blog. What would be the point? I admit I haven’t visited the place a second time but that’s up to me.

    Anyone reading this post and these comments will see that a lot of people like this bar (if all the comments were left by different people) and that’s fair enough. I’m sure there are places I like that you wouldn’t. Each to their own 🙂 x

  32. Glen

    Thanks for gettin back. just for the record in your previous post you say the statue may have moved in the past 2 years, I was simply agreeing with Martin that it was never in the bar, your last comment agrees ” although the one in the picture is an example of such a piece, not one of the actual one” confirms this, for someone who doesn’t lie I would suggest that you may have said some things that were later proved to be untrue! I’m sure if you went back to the bar and told them who you were before entering you would find it would not be up to you, As for your bracketed comment (you have the email addresses of the postee’s)

  33. Victoria (Post author)

    Actually some people put fake email addresses, no email address at all or have more than one but that’s off-topic.

    I do believe a lot of people like this bar, else it wouldn’t still be there and I know a LOT of business have gone under in recent times. I’m not disputing its popularity.

    However I still stand by everything I said in my initial post.

    And maybe I misunderstood your last point but why would I tell a bar when I arrive that I am going to write a review on them? Wouldn’t that influence their treatment? I prefer to just observe and report.

  34. Audrey

    My husband and I own The Indian Head Bar. After spending 2 years being told about the upsetting, embarrassing and untrue comments you have made I think it is time I had my say.
    I am sorry you did not enjoy your visit to us, but I think you are in the minority as the majority of our customers come back year after year, some several times a year otherwise we would not have survived so long.
    We have had The Indian Head Bar for over 13 years and since the day we opened we have prided ourselves on having a very clean establishment, and I defy anyone to find the “grime” you referred to. I would be interested to know where it was.
    I do not deny there may be cockroaches in the bar – a great source of embarrassment if a customer sees one, but I think they are found in every establishment and we do our utmost to get rid of them.
    A mouse was in the bar – but it was caught – however we do not breed them and certainly do not encourage them.
    Our barmaid had been with us for over 9 years and as you will gather from the many positive comments she is normally very efficient, friendly and co-operative. I can only imagine she was “frosty” as you put it because you may have been rather objectionable as this is not her nature.
    Since we opened we have never EVER given anyone a bill or receipt for drinks so I think you may be confusing us with another bar with an Indian name which does give bills. We ourselves have witnessed this and they also have the wooden statue of the Indian Chief depicted in your initial comments.
    I take umbrage at your suggestion that all the reports may not be genuine as we have knowledge of all the people who have commented apart from the “Kath” who responded to your first distressing comment.
    Over the years we have been shown many write ups in travel magazines and books including one brought in by a Danish man including a picture of Dennis singing. The Berlitz travel book on Gran Canaria, from WH Smiths, and the Thomas Cook in flight magazine. All written by people unknown to us, as you say you do not introduce yourselves. So I am taking comfort in the knowledge that up to now as far as I know, you are the only person who has found it necessary to write unsavoury comments about the “wildlife, the grime and the unfriendly bar staff”

  35. alan penrose

    Hi everyone i would just like to thank Audrey for commenting on this post,the Indian Head is one of if not the best bar for socialising with other nationalities in puerto rico also a great atmosphere,looking to going back in january does anyone know if Dougie Presley or Flitoff are still singing in the bar.

  36. martin

    I would imagine Flitoff is there now singing “I can,t help falling in love with you”, I am looking forward to going back in march.It,s the perfect venue to wind down after a long day…doing nothing..
    Viva Audrey x

  37. fay

    my husband and i absolutely love the atmosphere in this bar. you will not find a more friendly and welcoming place to spend your time. most of the singers are very good. its not the usual rowdy karaoke that most of us think of. my husband stuart is a very good singer and, because things are set up properly says it is easy to sing well and sound good. we have not been to the island for a few years but hope to visit next year. we always found
    the indian head to be surprisingly clean and the staff to be very pleasant indeed and while audrey and dennis own it, you can be sure that the same high standards will remain. you can be absolutely sure about that.

  38. Sheila Smart (Dave Preseley's wife)

    Glad to see your comments Audrey – good for you! We’re coming out to Puerto Rico on 10th Jan and are looking forward to many good nights again in the Indian Head – the best bar we’ve ever been to on holiday. Regards to you, Dennis and Janet and to all the “regulars”.


  39. Victoria

    Thanks for commenting, Audrey. When I first wrote my review I didn’t expect any feedback but I am always interested to read it.

    However, you are wrong to say my comments are “untrue”. The grime (during our visit) was on the bar and underneath it. It was sticky and that’s where we spotted the roaches. Additionally the barmaid gave us the paper receipt without being asked. She put it next to our half-finished drinks. I’m standing by that comment because that’s how it was!

    Maybe next time I write a review I’ll take my camcorder with me.

    Also, as for “introducing myself” I don’t normally introduce myself in every bar, restaurant and shop I visit. “Hello, I’m Victoria and I’m going to write a review on your bar/restaurant/shop” usually means I’ll get better/different treatment, which is hardly the point of the visit, is it?

    Audrey, I’ve never met you and my review was simply the facts, as I saw them. As you can see from the other feedback you have a lot of fans who love the bar and it seems like you have a lot of regulars. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m sure bars have good nights and bad ones and different people like different things. I wish you and the bar continued success in the future.

    I never meant to offend but reviews are about telling the truth (as the writer sees them), which is why I have a mixed bag of reviews on this blog – some good, some not so good and some middle-of-the-road. Two people might write totally different reviews of the same establishment but my review WAS based on the facts at the time.


  40. barry and carol

    my wife and i have been in this bar many nights over many years and have never seen any roaches at any time.We consider audrey and dennis as very good freinds and their bar is second to none and very well run hope to visit again soon missed the last 2 octobers not working at mo,though i think dennis will have enjoyed the rest from me singing elvis as he is not his favorit singer. all the best.

  41. Glen

    Hi All Glad to see Audrey nand Dennis commenting at last. Just like to say I have been in the bar many times and always had a gr8 time lovely people Audrey and Dennis r wonderful hosts and jan is brill and very friendly people from all over the place. Understand what Victoria is saying and I dare say if you run your fingers across the top of a picture frame and go looking for it you’ll find the odd spot of dust. I guess the sort of night out you have will depend on what your looking for. If you want a fun and friendly night with great people drinks that make your legs wobbly and brill music and singers. You’ll find it here I do… If you go out looking for grime and coakroaches you may find that too but i’m sure there are better places to look and more fun things to do! Stay at home and watch Kim and Aggi. And I think you really need to get a life. But hey were all different and guess if you seek you will find as a wise man once said. Whatever floats your boat I guess. Enjoy!!! x 😉

  42. Victoria

    Glen, you’ve made your point, although you’re twisting things now and being nasty just for the sake of it. The Indian Head was dirty during our visit (do I *really* have to keep repeating myself?) and I saw more roaches in there than any other bars I’d been to on the island.

    I certainly wasn’t looking for things to complain about and, as I’ve said, wrote an honest review based upon my opinions. I don’t go into a bar with white gloves on to find specks of dust but I couldn’t help noticing how sticky and grimy the bar was and how many cockroaches were crawling around. Plus the mouse (which Audrey confirmed!)

    A lot of bars and shops in the shopping centre have the odd visitor crawling in and I think they all do regular fumigation. It’s a common problem in hot places, especially when lots of shops and restaurants are in close proximity.

    If you read the review again you will see I said the toilets were clean, the prices were reasonable, the bar was interesting and there is live entertainment on offer. Yes I also mentioned the cockroaches since I was surprised at the number but I don’t see why you have such a problem!! If anyone needs to get a life it certainly isn’t me, lol.

  43. Louise

    I think the point that you are missing is that Victoria wrote a review on her experience. She was not bias and had no reason to lie regarding this bar. As usual when a review is written that other people disagree with personal attacks happen. Victoria could have removed any of the comments againgst her but she didnt.

    As with any bar/restaurant/cafe everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Victoria found that the time she visted that there were issues of cleaniness. Maybe she was unlucky or maybe the people who love this bar see it through different eyes.

    Whether you love the Indian Head or hate it EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions. If everyone agreed all of the time oh what a boring world we would live in.

  44. Chris

    I’m sure I’ve seen a dragon in this bar, beheading the woman behind the bar after having burnt her with huge flames from its stinking mouth. Blood everywhere, really. Disgusting. But in such a way, that I’d love to go back. It’s for sure the most entertaining and interesting place in Puerto Rico.

    The Indian Head forever!

    (and stick it on a pole…)

  45. Victoria (Post author)


  46. sandra

    Good to read your comments Audrey.You dont have to be Miss Marples to work out it wasn’t your bar ,just the fact about the receipt alone,we have been going for a number of years never been given one never seen anyone receive one.Looking forward to seeing you in January .Just read Dave “Presly”is there same time we’ll be looking to some more fun nights.Take Care everyone
    Sandra +John (L.pool)

  47. Victoria

    No it must have been another bar in the shopping centre called The Indian Head…

  48. Glen

    Oh Dear I’m Sorry Victoria not meant to be nasty and if you read my comment carefully you will see I was simply saying it depends on the sort of night out you wish to have. I would humbly suggest it is your comments and emphasis that are nasty your second comment and reply to Kath suggesting that it was a breeding ground for roaches. Sorry you seem to have taken it so personally. I wouldn’t want to offend you sorry! Blessings Glen. x 🙂

  49. Victoria

    Don’t worry. I forgive you, Glen. The “emphasis” you mention though was simply me justifying myself in my replies rather than adding any more observations to the initial post.

  50. michael

    I have been holidaying regularly in Puerto Rico – which anyone reading this probably already knows is THE best Resort in the Canaries – for well over ten years.
    I’ve got to say that there is something very special about PR – and for me (and I know for many others), The Indian Head Country Music Bar has an awful lot to do with that.
    Over the years, I’ve been to a lot of bars in a lot of countries, all around the World.
    The Indian Head is absolutely unique – and it really is right at the top of my list of favourite Bars.
    It offers a very warm welcome, a totally relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and wholly exceptional clientele at the Bar (I have to say that don’t I!).
    I have met very many many great people there over the years, and hope to do so for many more.
    The decor is amazing, the singers are so talented (Dolly its time for Quando Quando, Dennis does a mean American Trilogy), the beer is ice cold – and I’ve got to say that the cleanliness of both the Bar and the Toilets are second to none.
    The Indian Head is a real credit to Audrey, Dennis and Janet – who drizzles a Bacardi over Ice to perfection!
    Whether you are going North To Alaska or down to The Red Rose Cafe, I absolutely recommend that you stop for a break from the Mad World – Go Country, Go Indian Head Puerto Rico!
    See you there soon!
    (And I’m not on Commission!!!)

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