Gran Canaria Nightlife

The nightlife in Gran Canaria is quite varied and you can choose from quiet harbour bars and restaurants to large nightclubs which are open until the small hours. I used to work as a DJ so I know a few of the clubs (I also like a beer now and then so I know the bars pretty well too!!!!)


Me, attempting some karaoke!

Nightlife in Puerto Rico 

If you are staying in Puerto Rico, there are two main commercial centres which are actually large complexes with shops, bars and restaurants. On the top of the hill you have the Europa Centre and at the bottom of the hill, there is the main “Centro Comerciál”. The Europa Centre is slightly smaller and there are no late night clubs there. The bars close at 2am. There are two nightclubs in the bottom commercial centre. One is called Fibber McGees and the other is Jokers. They are open until 6am.

Photo by Fotofill

A lot of the bars in the commercial centres have shows, such as singers, comedians or hypnotists. And there is plenty of karaoke if you want to embarrass yourself!

Nightlife in Playa del Inglés

Playa del Inglés has a good share of bars and clubs but they are much more spread out than in Puerto Rico. The Irish Centre has about 13 bars, there are more in the Kasbah and pretty much on any street. For clubbing, there are a few nightclubs around the Kasbah, Pacha and Cream being the main ones, and there is Disco Life and The Point near the Irish Centre. The entrance to most nightclubs on the island is free but expect to pay six or seven euros per drink.

Photo by Frederik Olofsson

The is also the Yumbo Centre, which is the largest gay centre in Europe. There are strictly gay bars, gay-friendly bars and family bars here. It’s a friendly place and you can see some funny drag shows there.

There are three casinos, one in San Agustín, one in Meloneras and one in Las Palmas, if you fancy a flutter. There are also a few shows, such as the Black and Red Casino show, where the price (about 45 euros) includes dinner and a variety show. You can read more here:

Of course, if you aren’t keen on bars and clubs, you might just want a quiet meal and drinks in a small, Canarian restaurant. For some great Canarian cooking and pure relaxation, try any of the small restaurants in the harbours of Puerto de Mogan or Puerto Rico or along the seafront in Maspalomas. There are also lots of bars along Amadores beach.


The nightlife here is whatever you make it and there is plenty to do, depending on whether you fancy a mad night out or a quiet one!



  1. Paul

    If you are into Opera
    Check out David Searle. Fantastic proffesional range of voice.
    He is singing at Plaza Mogan shopping centre every monday Thursday and Saturday.from 8pm. In Playa Mogan.
    Show songs, Opera, ordinary. make your request and David will sing it for you.

  2. Gareth

    What is the night life like in October please 🙂

  3. Victoria

    October? You’re planning well ahead! 🙂 The bars and discos are open all year. There aren’t so many people in October as in the summer but it’s still fairly busy.

  4. Gareth

    haha Thank you for the prompt response 🙂 we have a few birthdays to celebrate so a few of us want a week away. We’ve looked at, ayia napa, magaluf and Gran canaria. Gran canaria sems the best bet at th mo

  5. Victoria

    Puerto Rico’s a good part of GC for nightlife because everything’s together in 2 shopping centres rather than spread out all over the place like in Playa del Inglés. I’ve never been to Magaluf or Ayia Napa though so I don’t know what they’re like.

  6. mark

    im lookin to work in gran canaria for the summer jus wondering is difficult to get bar work in in the irish bars id juus like to no b4 i go over tanks.

  7. kelly

    what is the nightlife like in december ie new years 🙂

  8. Victoria (Post author)

    Actually it’s quiet in November and late January but quite mad over Xmas/New Year. One of the busiest times in fact. You won’t be bored!! 😀

  9. jonlopez

    any idea what the nightlife is like in march? i am getting married in april and am thinking of having a long weekend away for a stag do 🙂

  10. Victoria (Post author)

    March tends to be quiet but not dead. There are still people around. Have a look here: for some more info about stag possibilities.

  11. Bav

    What is it like in November – is it totally dead?

  12. Victoria

    Not totally dead but quiet compared to summer

  13. Lorraine

    Whats the nightlife like in april? 🙂

  14. Victoria

    April is one of the quietest months, Lorraine, but you can still find nightlife. There are still tourists, it’s just not “packed” like in the summer. Oh, and the weather is nice then too. Not too scorching but lovely and warm.

  15. Lorraine

    okay 🙂 i went last august to rogers in the kasbah, loved it there.


    Has anyone any idea what bars you can find a hypnotist show in Playa Del Ingles ?

  17. Dancer Chris

    Hiya, isn’t Boney M’s a nightclub that plays older 70s disco music? I have a bit of a dancer’s twitch when I hear mid – upper mid tempo 4×4 music with great rhythm. (90s dance music, and 70s disco music resonates well with me for dancing on a night out after a few drinks some 80s, 50s60s jazz/rock n roll also).

    wondering which clubs would suit me best? I found the Kasbah could be a bit intimidating with the trouts trying to pull you in the bar when I went a few years ago. I have a lot of passion & enthusiasm for dancing..

  18. Dancer Chris

    Forgot to add, that I am staying in gc from Monday 14th – Saturday 19th March. I tend to avoid big crowds and busy times of year and go for the cheaper costs. enjoying gc in all it’s light is something that can be done in offpeak season easily, very spiritually uplifting, bit too hot for me from May – September though. Winter – early spring is good for me.

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