A Quiet Week in the Harbour

The busiest times in Gran Canaria tend to be for two weeks over Christmas and from the end of June until September. But now it’s more like a ghost town! That might be good news for people who like more than a square foot of sand at the beach to themselves and a distinct lack of queues in the bars and restaurants. If you like beach holidays Gran Canaria is always a great destination because we have 365 warm days a year, most of which are sunny. But does it matter when you visit?


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The attractions such as fishing, dolphin trips, mini golf and evening entertainment are available all year but remember that if you come in December and the sea is rough, the ferries and other boat trips might be cancelled for a few days. You can find the ferry timetable here: http://www.canario.co.uk/worth_knowing/ferries.htm

Also, since this is the quiet period, several hotels are closed for refurbishment.

The reason it’s quiet is that it’s nearing the end of the Scandinavian and Finnish holiday period and the British/Irish one hasn’t quite kicked in yet.

Beach GC
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For me, it was a very quiet week! I was working in the harbour on the Barakuda Dos fishing desk for 8 days in a row because the owner (who usually works mornings) had her parents over. Sometimes a whole hour went by without seeing one potential fisherman! Luckily I had a big stack of books with me and managed to get through about eight of them! We’ve also had some good fish – this is a tope from Saturday:


And this is what we did with it (OK, what my ex-chef husband did with it! I wouldn’t have a clue!!)


Tope’s actually really nice. My favorites have to be smoked marlin, fresh tuna and dorado though. If you catch fish, you can take them to a local restaurant or cook them on the hob in your apartment but a lot of people are here on all-inclusive holidays. 

So I suppose I can’t really complain about things because I did sell a few tickets and I did improve my suntan but why couldn’t my boss’s parents have come over mid-August?! Perhaps they wouldn’t have been too keen on the 40ºC August heat!


It’s certainly getting very hot here. Gran Canaria temperatures are reaching about 32ºC mid-afternoon. Fortunately I have a parasol at the fishing desk else I’d burn to a crisp! These days are lovely and long as well. It is sunny when I wake up and there is still daylight until 9pm, making al fresco Canarian cooking dinners a must!


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