Why Boilers Don’t Last Long in the Canaries!

We have had no hot water since Saturday evening! Now, with February temperatures being what they are (warm in the day and cool at dawn and night) taking a cold shower isn’t my idea of fun!



However, I was interested to learn yesterday that boilers come with a 2 year guarantee here! Is that all, you might ask. The reason is that Canarian water is so high in calcium, the filters in boilers usually break within a couple of years.

(Ours has been here 5 years so we’re lucky! But why couldn’t the damned thing break in August when it’s 40 degrees outside and 39 degrees inside?)

There is a man who goes around cleaning the filters for 50 euros a time but since we live in a rental, our landlord and landlady have the job of going to the boiler shop (you can get boilers from Leroy Merlin in Telde, in case you were wondering) and they are now outside waiting for the Canarian plumber to show up.

Actually they’ve been waiting outside since 10am! I did invite them in but they soon got bored of watching me type on the computer and went off again!


I am soooooo looking forward to my hot shower tonight 🙂 Well, if the plumber ever gets here that is….


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  1. Victoria (Post author)

    Update… we have hot water! Hooray! 😀

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