It’s Carnival Time in Gran Canaria!

It’s that time of year again, when carnival (or carnaval, to use the Spanish spelling) comes to town. You can enjoy the carnival in any town in Gran Canaria, such as the Carnaval Internacional Maspalomas 2009 but the Las Palmas festivities are particularly spectacular.



Photo by Jonathan Andel

The carnival lasts for three weeks. It started on Friday 13 February and lasts until Saturday 28 March 2009. This is the 33rd carnival and this year’s theme is pirates.

If you are not coming on holiday to Gran Canaria until March, don’t worry because that’s when the Carnaval Internacional Maspalomas 2009 is on!


There are more than forty staged events to choose from and 2 million euros have apparently been spent on the Las Palmas Carnaval so it should be pretty spectacular!



Photo by Jonathan Andel

The programme this year includes fancy dress, beauty pageants, carnival queen and children’s queen contests, salsa music, parades, body make up competitions and more! Most of the events are held in Parque de Santa Catalina and you can see the whole carnival programme here.



  1. Jason

    Carnival time! Sweet! Hmm, a holiday in Gran Canaria? If only I could get time off work… I’d bookit!

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    Well I live in Gran Canaria and work 6 days a week. Luckily my day off is Saturday when the main events are!

  3. jim

    does anyone have the dates for the 2010 carnival

  4. Victoria (Post author)

    In Maspalomas you mean? 11th – 21st March.

    (In Las Palmas it starts on 26th January).

    I’ll be doing a post on the carnival soon!


  5. jim

    thank you victoria will have to cancell my holiday we stop in the square and the music can get a little to much thanks again

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