How to Find Cheap Flights to Gran Canaria

I tend to stay on the island most of the time. I mean, why wouldn’t I? I live on a hot, sunny island and all my friends and family come and visit me here! However, sometimes I have to fly home (or somewhere else) and that’s when I start trawling through cheap flights websites. Flights to Gran Canaria seem to be rather expensive at the moment. My sister’s just booked for 2 weeks in September and she could’ve gone to Mexico for the same price but… I don’t live there!! For cheap holidays Gran Canaria sometimes works out well but you do have to shop around for good prices.


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I had some bad news one time that my stepfather had a bad fall and was in hospital so I turned up at Las Palmas airport and said I needed an emergency flight. Fortunately they got me on their next flight and I got the seat right in the front with lots of legroom! Another passenger told me I must have booked weeks ago to get the good seat. I didn’t tell her I’d only arrived at the airport an hour ago.

Plane over Sea
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Cheap Flights Website

If you are looking for cheap flights, you should try because that’s where I get mine from and you get a choice of flights, prices and dates. Another good cheap flights to Gran Canaria website is

If you want accommodation, you might as well look for a package holiday because it’s easier than having to book it separately. Remember that July, August and September are probably the most expensive times to come, as is Christmas. It’s hot all year so you might want to consider a different month.

One of the best ways to find out all the insider secrets is to have a look at this ebook – you can find out how to find cheap flights to Gran Canaria all the time!!! Trust me, there is some really good advice in there.

GC Airport
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Refreshments and Scratchcards

You won’t get a lot of sleep on a flight, no matter if it is a day or night flight. There is always a small child kicking the seat behind you and his mother is always asleep (or pretending to be).

The beer swilling lager louts will be at the back and you will be woken up every 15 minutes and asked whether you want refreshments (they didn’t used to come round that often before you  had to pay for them!) On my last flight back, I told them “no refreshments, I am going to sleep,” and I was woken up 15 minutes later by an air hostess selling scratchcards! I gave up then … and joined the lager louts. Much more fun! And nobody kicking me in the back!!


Perhaps a better idea however is to have a look at the Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights ebook and find out how to find the best flights and the cheapest ones every time.



  1. Paul

    Just thought I’d mention that Thomas cook does quite cheap packages to the Canaries. Probably worth a look.

  2. Victoria

    That’s true. I booked with them before. Monarch and EasyJet too.

  3. Paul

    7 nights in Gran Canaria for £319… that seems like a good one.

  4. Victoria

    It does actually, especially since that’s for 3* accommodation rather than something more basic. It’s not much more for 4* either.

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