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When you are enjoying Gran Canaria holidays it is nice to find great restaurants too. There are hundreds to choose from but not all of them are good! See the Restaurants Gran Canaria post for more restaurant ideas.


Restaurant Picasso is between the Lara Apartment Complex and the Europa Centre in Puerto Rico. It calls itself an Italian pizzeria but there are many different dishes on the menu, including sole, mussels and various cuts of steak.


The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant and the staff are friendly. I had Snails Bourguignon to start and Mike had fresh asparagus with steamed salmon. Both were really nice. Next we had a beef and chicken fondue which was brilliant. You get 4 sauces with it, which were ketchup, gravy, lemon cream sauce and garlic mayonnaise.

I have a fondue set here. I ordered it from Ebay in mainland Spain before I realised you can actually get them here (would’ve saved me waiting 3 weeks for the snail-like postal service to deliver it but that’s another story!) Anyway, I’ve only had cheese fondue, never meat fondue, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The fondue was 42 euros between the 2 of us and we got plenty of raw fillet steak cubes and chicken cubes to cook ourselves in the fondue pot, and cream sauteed potatoes and fresh vegetables too.

It was one of very few restaurants here which serves fresh vegetables (I’m sure I ranted about that on another thread somewhere!) and the service was excellent. Even the little touches were there, such as soft butter rather than the rock hard stuff you normally get served around here!


If you’re staying in Puerto Rico, Restaurant Picasso opposite the Europa Centre is highly recommended. It is open daily from 4pm and I heartily recommend the fondue! You can book a table on 928 560041 if it’s the height of summer or the Christmas period. Else you can just turn up.

5 / 5 stars     



    We have been going to Picasso for 16 years and it is still the #1 restaurant we look forward to each year! Juan is the BEST! His son Danny and his long-time very efficient waiter, Eloy, help make the dining experience one to remember every time! The stuffed chicken breast with lemon sauce is my all-time favorite and the black pepper steak is second to none when it comes to perfect doneness and flavor! The mushroom and crab crepe for a starter is absolutely the one to order! Or the pate! The atmosphere is fun and the food is delicious! We’ll definitely be back in February 2012!

  2. Victoria (Post author)

    Thanks for the comment, Sharon. I haven’t been to Picasso for ages but it really was impressive 🙂

  3. Martin Gundersen

    verdens bedste spisested, ses i oktober 2011.

  4. John Jackson

    Can’t beat Sharon’s 16 years but we have been going to Picasso’s over the last ten years. It is one of the few restaurants in the Puerto Rico area that do things ‘properly’ but this is no stuffy place to eat. The experience will be lighthearted, the service and food excellent and it will be the eating highlight of your holiday.

  5. Victoria (Post author)

    I like it a lot too 😀

  6. Ejnar og Anni

    Vi har været på Gran Canaria 5 gange , og har altid været i Pouerto Rico , og vi har altid været på Picasso flere gange hvergang vi har været der .
    Det er absolut det bedste sted vi har været at spise , altid god
    Betjening , god humor , og nogle mega drinks.
    God ferie , ønsker vi alle der besøger Picasso .

    Hilsen Anni og Ejnar

  7. Victoria (Post author)

    Google Translate translates that as:

    We have been to Gran Canaria 5 times and have always been in Pouerto Rico, and we’ve always been on Picasso several times every time we’ve been there.
    It is absolutely the best place we’ve been eating, always good
    Operation, good humor, and some mega drinks.
    Good holiday, we want everyone who visits Picasso.

    Greetings Anni and Ejnar

    Which I heartily agree with 🙂 Thanks for the comment guys


    These comments are fun to read and all of them are true! Picasso’s continues to be one of the very best restaurants on the island! So, this was our 17th year and next year we will be back again! So glad all of these people like it and have taken the time to put their comments on this website! Muey Bueno Comida as they say in Gran Canaria!

  9. Victoria (Post author)

    It’s a shame they don’t update their faded old sign outside or do some proper advertising.

    They’re one of the best restaurants in the South and more people ought to know! 🙂


    I agree, Victoria….but they are always booked solid even though there is no advertising so to speak! The stairs up to the restaurant and back down again for the restroom are quite a challenge as well, but not much can be done about that!

  11. Victoria (Post author)

    The evening we went it was very quiet, as far as I remember. But I’m glad to hear they’re doing well. Not many other restaurants in the area offer such nice meals. I haven’t been for ages. I live away from the area now. But I would recommend it heartily.


    Where do you live now? I live in Colorado in the United States! I go to Gran Canaria every February and can’t wait to get to Picasso’s and see Juan and Dani and Eloy! Hope you will get there the next time you holiday on the island. You can let Juan know we have communicated and agree about his wonderful food!

  13. Victoria (Post author)

    I’m all over the place. Right now I’m in Houston, Texas, hence being awake at this hour!


    I wondered about that!! G’night!

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