Flicks – British Restaurant in Gran Canaria

It is all very well to sample some Canarian cooking while you are exploring Gran Canaria but what about British fry ups or dinners? Maybe you fancy a taste of home while you’re away, in which case I can recommend the meals in Flicks.


Flicks is a really good restaurant in the Europa Centre, Puerto Rico, which I’ve eaten at a few times. I had a nice breakfast there once and a couple of dinners. The service is friendly and the menu is good. I had pie and chips the first time I went and it was a really big portion and quite cheap as well 🙂

Flicks restaurant is on the top floor so as you enter the Europa Centre from the top, come down one set of steps and then turn left. You will see the sign.


After eating at Flicks, you can wander around the Europa Centre. There are some good family friendly bars up there, such as Xtreeemz, The Tavern and Turbo’s, or you could stroll down the hill to the main shopping centre.



  1. holly

    i used to live in gran canaria and it was great, most of my family came with us and my uncle owns mary ds bar but we all moved back to the uk because the europa centre was closing down and every good restaurant/ shop was closing down because of resesion, it was a good experience but sometimes i do miss it x

  2. Victoria

    Hi Holly, thanks for the comment 🙂 The recession affected a load of businesses. It’s going to take a long time for the island to recover. At least you have good memories of your time there though.

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