International Theatre Festival of Three Continents

If you are visiting Gran Canaria in September, the International Festival of 3 Continents (Encuentro Teatral Tres Continentes) is a great fiesta. This festival is held in Aguimes and there are performances by European, Latin American and African groups. This is a friendly, cultural festival and lasts for 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the schedule. This year, however, the festival ran from 15th to 24th July (the Canarians like to change dates at the last minute!) – so you will have to wait for the next one in 2008 if you missed it! There have been eighteen of these theatre festivals to date.


To get to Aguimes, you need to get a number 11 or 21 bus, which leave every hour from San Telmo Bus Station in Las Palmas. Buses to Las Palmas are very frequent from all the resorts in the South.

Photo By Sjors & Jennifer
You will hear various world music at this fiesta, performed by different groups and there are also mini stage plays and acts from well known plays. Most of it, as usual, is in Spanish, but the costumes are great and the atmosphere is fun. You can also try some Canarian tapas and wines.

While you’re there you can explore Aguimes a bit too. In the San Sebastian Church you can see a variety of sculptures and artwork. The church was finished in 1952 but construction started in the late 18th century (well, everything is a bit “mañana” here!)

San Sebastian Church
Photo By The Ghost Man


Remember, the 2008 International Festival of Three Continents is scheduled for September 2008 so, if you fancy a bit of culture as well as lying on the beach improving your tan, take the bus up to Aguimes and enjoy some traditional plays and music from all over the world.

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  1. armin

    How can we play in your festival???
    We are theatre group from asia/iran.

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