Aguimes is a town near Ingenio but separated from it by the Barranco de Guayadeque ravine. This little but attractive town, which is in the eastern part of Gran Canaria, features medieval narrow streets and pretty terracotta-coloured houses. The name of the town is pronounced “Ah-gwee-mez” with three syllables.


Aguimes is one of the oldest and most important places on the island and it dates back to 1486. This town, which was known as the Town of Kings, is home to various monumental buildings, artefacts and memorials. Aguimes is 500 metres above sea level and it is located in a range of hills. The sculptures along the road between Aguimes and the coast cannot be missed. They commemorate the beauty, character and history of the town.

Photo by Rafael Gomez

What to See

The two Parroquia de San Sebastian towers is worth a visit. This basilica was declared to be a historical cultural moniment and is a fine example of the neoclassical architecture once so prevalent throughout the Canaries. The basilica has three naves and a huge dome. You can also find nice sculptures and statues inside.

The Casco Historico is the name of the Old Town area of Aguimes. You can find the Aguimes Exhibition Centre there, at Plaza de San Anton, and tour the rooms to discover more about local archeological artefacts and local art.

Aguimes Events


The Festival del Sur – or International Theatre Festival of Three Continents – takes place in Aguimes in September and this cultural event features theatre companies from all over the globe. Cocodriles Zoo is probably the biggest reason for tourists to visit Aguimes though and you can see crocodiles, parrots and more there. Other nearby places of interest include Playa del Cabron which is great for scuba diving, and Playa de Vargas which is renowned for windsurfing.

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