Firgas is in the central north part of Gran Canaria. This town is one of seven in Gran Canaria that has no beach although the coast is only five or ten minutes away. You can get great views of the north of the island from Firgas, and of Tenerife too if it is a clear day.


The town square has a hall and a church and you will also find a post office, some schools and a few squares there. There is a thirty metre deep waterfall which is man-made and cascades down the steps in the town.

Photo by Waterboy of the Lord

You can see painted pictures of landscapes and historic symbols on the backs of the benches in Firgas. This pleasant town is worth a visit. It’s sleepy and quiet but pretty and nice to go to if you’re considering car hire in the Canary Islands and looking for interesting towns to stop off at.

Firgas Water


If the name Firgas rings a bell, that might be because of the Firgas  mineral water which the area is famous for. The water comes from Barranco de las Madres, a spring that is about four kilometres away. Two hundred thousand bottles are filled with Firgas water every day and it is exported all over the Canary Islands.

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