Guayadeque Caves, Gran Canaria

A lot of people like to visit the Guayadeque Caves in Gran Canaria and I went with my parents when they visited me in Gran Canaria a couple years back. That’s me on the right:


Guayadeque Cave Restaurant "Tagoror"

In Guayadeque there are cave houses and a restaurant in a cave. There is a church as well and you can see the most amazing sunsets from there. Guayadeque is in Aguimes and it isn’t far from the resorts in the south. The Guayadeque region is a big canyon, stetching from the middle of the island to the Aguimes coast. It takes about half an hour to drive there from Arguineguin, as far as I remember.

Guayadeque was the most populated area on the island in prehistoric times and there are historic burial chambers there. The Guanches later used the caves for fertility rituals and to store their food.

In the 1800s a lot of the caves were plundered and later on the area because a nature reserve. The “lagarto canarión” is the biggest species of lizard in the world and these live around this area. If you are interested in walking and hiking in Gran Canaria, this is a very pleasant region in which to do it.


There are trips you can do if you want the Guayadeque experience including a meal at the famous Tagogor Restaurant, where you can hear local live music and sample Canarian cooking and local wines. If you are interested in the trip, you can find more information and book here. Booking is recommended in the summer when the trips get full.


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