Gran Canaria Helicopter Tours

If you are thinking about doing something different in Gran Canaria, what about a helicopter tour? Seeing the island by helicopter is really special and you can have a unique perspective. You might have seen the area around Gran Canaria airport when you flew in but that’s hardly the most picturesque view (and might not have been much of a view at all if you arrived at night!)


When and How to Book

You usually have to book 24 hours in advance and sometimes, like in July, August or over the Christmas period when it’s busy, even more in advance. I haven’t done this tour but I’ve heard some really great reports about it. You get to see the cities, towns, mountains, farms and lots more and this perspective of the island is one that most people never get to see.


You can find more information about Gran Canaria helicopter tours here and book online.


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  1. Jay

    Yeah, the view from the plane flying in is quite different from what you’ll see on a helicopter tour. It’s worth the price to get one down there, you can see some cool stuff, over the water especially.

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