What is the Weather Like in Gran Canaria in February?

February is one of the coldest months in Gran Canaria and we actually have snow 1600 metres up right now! This month has been strange weather-wise. We’ve had rain and strong winds. The wind last Thursday and Friday night was about 60 kmph and there were boat covers, papers and all sorts blowing all over the harbour in Puerto Rico! Needless to say I didn’t sell much fishing that day!


Today is beautiful. 🙂 Hang on, I’ll just go outside and get a photo…

Not the most exciting photo but at least you can see the blue sky! The weather in Gran Canaria is pretty reliable, for example during May and September you rarely see a cloud, but February is changeable so if you are have booked a holiday in Gran Canaria for later in the month, bring something with sleeves and something with long legs.


Saying that, I can sit at my desk in the harbour wearing a fleece, jeans, boots and still shivering and people walk past me in trunks and bikinis! I guess 20ºC might feel on the cold side to me (well I have been here for 10 years!) but not to everybody 😀 Just bring clothes for all seasons and you’ll be fine!



  1. mary stonebridge

    Hi! Victoria were staying at oasis bungalows and was wondering is it possible to hire mattress toppers
    in Gran canaria. I cant find a email address for the hotel also havent been able to find one for tourist information. to ask them. if you can find one could you let me know . Thanks Mary

  2. Victoria

    Hi Mary, I can’t find an address for Oasis either. This company hires disabled aids: http://www.solmobility.com/UK-home.html You could email them and ask if they also rent out other items or if they know where you can rent a mattress topper. This is the tourist info site: http://www.grancanaria.com/patronato_turismo/283.0.html but they’re not very good at responding to queries (at least not mine!) I’ll ask around, see if I can find out anything else for you. But do email the first company. They’ll know the other hire companies.

  3. Victoria

    As for the bikes have a look here: http://canaryforum.com/forums/showthread.php?109524-How-to-buy-a-used-bicycle-in-Gran-Canaria and email this place http://www.free-motion.net/en/mountainbike-rental asking for a good price for a long-term rental. They might do you a special offer if you’re in GC off-season. Better to rent it to you for a discounted rate than just have the bikes sitting in there shop after all.

  4. Reema


    A few of my friends and myself have booked a holiday to masploamas for mid feb… Looking at the comments above has got me Abit worried on the weather. Would you happen to know what the weather is going to be like? And what has the weather been like recently…So I know what to bring ?

    Thank you

  5. Victoria (Post author)

    Reema don’t panic, it’s not going to be “cold” like in the UK or Europe! February’s weather can be changeable. It isn’t guaranteed to be “hot” but it will be “warm” if you see what I mean. If 20 or 21 degrees C is warm to you, then that’s about the average for the month. Saying that sometimes you get hot days in February, and other times you get cooler days. Coming to Gran Canaria off-season, that’s the risk you take. It’s been warm recently. Right now it’s 20 or 21C during the day (and sunny most days) and 15C at night.

  6. charlotte

    Hiiyaa Victoria

    Me and my partner are booked for the 26th of march to Puerto Rico, i was just wondering what the weather has been like and what you think it will be like around that time? As i would like to know what clothes to bring as its my first time ever on holiday! 🙂 Also do you know how much its cost from the airport to Puerto Rico in a taxi and does it have good nightlife there?
    Many Thanks

  7. Victoria (Post author)

    Hi Charlotte, late March is usually really nice, sun every day (or most days) and warmer evenings. You should bring summer clothes but perhaps also one cardigan or sweater just in case. Open shoes (sandals, flip flips etc) are suitable, plus at least 1 swimming costume or bikini. A taxi from the airport to Puerto Rico is anything from 40 to 60 euros depending on the time of day/night and the exact location. A bus is about a tenth of that price. The nightlife is pretty good 🙂

  8. kelly

    hiya ive booked my holiday for 4th september and was wondering what the weather will be like? i love te aun! and badly want a tan:)

  9. kelly

    love the sun*

  10. Maxine

    Hi I’ve booked a holiday to Puerto Rico gran canaria on the 12th September,could you tell me what the weather will be like then …hope it’s hot

  11. Michele

    Hola! We are coming from Canada to Gran Canaria this January and 1st half of February. We are thinking of staying around Santa Lucia for the last two weeks, but don’t want to see snow and be cold! Any comments?

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