Snow in Gran Canaria – February 2011

The adverts on the TV might claim that Gran Canaria has “365 days of sunshine a year” but what about all the snow? Actually most years we don’t get any snow and, when we do, it’s just on the top of the mountain. This year it seems a bit more chilly. Whatever happened to global warming?


Currently the days are around 25 degrees C (which is still very pleasant for February) but the nights are a sobering 12 degrees C (and yes, that feels cold if you’re used to central heating!)

Most of us have had enough snow at home to be getting on with but I still find it fascinating that I can lie on Puerto Rico beach or Mogan beach in sunny, mid 20s C heat and look at the snow on top of Mount Teide, Tenerife, across the sea! The weather is forecast to get a bit warmer in March (hooray) but to be honest it isn’t too bad right now. At least we still have sun during the day! 😉


You can view more photos of the snow here:


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