New Fast Ferry Service from the Canary Islands to Spain

If you wanted to get from the Canaries to Spain or vice versa before, you had to take the Transmediterranea Line which took days! The new “Volcan de Teide” ferry belongs to Armas and it is going to sail between Huelva, which is in the south of Spain, near Portugal, and the Canary Islands. This ferry goes at 26 knots and it carries up to 1500 passengers and 350 cars. The ferry measures 178 metres in length. The trip lasts 28 hours, so there are also 124 huts on board with 478 beds in them.



There are 500 comfy, adjustable chairs and a pair of double penthouses. There is also a VIP area. As soon as Huelga Harbour has been modified to accommodate the vessel, the trips are going to start. Personally I prefer the 2 hour flight but if you can’t fly for whatever reason, this ferry beats the old Transmediterranea one hands-down, since it is much more spacious, more comfortable and twice the speed.


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  1. Tom

    The latest Trasmediterranea ferry takes 26 hours, so this article is out of date and incorrect.

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