Day Trip to Tenerife and Loro Park from Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has plenty to offer but many people are interested in getting the ferry from Gran Canaria to Tenerife or evening visiting Tenerife for a day as part of an organised tour. In some ways the two islands are very similar but Loro Parque is a massive zoo which is unparalleled on Gran Canaria. Palmitos Park is the closest but Loro Parque is well worth a visit.


Photo by BlaM4c

Loro Parque is home to the biggest collection of parrots in the whole world (actually “loro” means parrot) and there are also sea lions, chimps, tigers and much more.


You can arrange your own ferry to Tenerife but since Loro Parque is quite far from the port it makes sense to have a look at Loro Parque trips online before you go because these excursions usually work out cheaper and of course much easier too 🙂

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