Rain in Gran Canaria!

So much for the recent heatwave. This week we’ve had RAIN!! Now whereas that might be exciting for ex pats like me who only see rain a couple of times a year, it might not be all that amusing for sun-seeking tourists! Typical Gran Canaria weather usually keeps them happy.



Today seems to be bright and clear though and the rain has definitely stopped. When I say “rain” I mean light drizzle. I was only person in Puerto Rico carrying an umbrella! Rain is unusual at the end of August and more common in January or February. When I say common I mean a slim chance, but it made a nice change anyway (and I didn’t have to water the banana plants that day!)


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  1. Victoria (Post author)

    And today we had STORM!! Thunder, lightning, rain, everything!! Then several hours of very hot sun. Now cold again! Very strange weather right now and not normal for September at all.

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