How Hot is it in the Canary Islands?

The weather seems to be the number one question on everybody’s lips this week! Coming in November, December, January or February means you are taking a risk with the weather.


Two weeks ago we had a calima (hot, sandy winds from the Sahara Desert) and it was so hot and dry that we were desperate for a day’s rain to clear it.


Now we’ve had 4 days of rain this week alone! No wonder the kids here for half term are looking a bit glum!

If you come to Gran Canaria for a week or two, you are guaranteed some sunshine but it might not be every day. When it rains here, it usually rains quite hard but not for long.

If you prefer the heat, June, July or August might be your best bet. Puerto Rico is the hottest part of the island (usually) by a couple of degrees but in the summer it’s hot everywhere here!

Dunes Maspalomas
Photo By Szeke

One thing that is vitally important is sun cream. Even if it’s cloudy you can still burn and you should use at least Factor 8 if you don’t have any base tan. I got badly burned on my first day here (7 years ago now!) using Factor 4. I applied it once, lay in the sun for 3 hours and was like a lobster for a week.

Gran Canaria promises over 300 sunny days a year so you have a good chance of going home with a great tan!


Hinterland GC
Photo By SevenSpiders


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